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FMG is a data driven multi-channel digital agency, primarily focused on paid media and social branding. We believe in full transparency with a combined programmatic and human approach. Watch your ROI increase as we handle all targeted optimization and full creative support.

Mobile User Acquisition



Meeting and exceeding your post-install KPI goals.


Helping app developers monetize their current user base.


With a suppression list, we target your current users and get them re-engaged and spending again in your app.

Social Branding

We run video ads on desktop, mobile web, mobile in app and CTV inventory to help increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Media Planning

We provide agency of record services to manage your marketing budgets in the most efficient way. Whether it's a top ten burst campaign or a controlled daily spend, we can deliver.

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Mobile Web
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FMG uses a state of the art tracking platform. It offers real time CTIT and creative monitoring, to name a few.
We operate on a full transparency model, including app/site names, device ids, referral URLS, and any other data points our partners may require.
FMG is integrated with a third party fraud prevention software, monitoring every data point in real time and providing our clients with extra piece of mind.
Our team is compiled of industry veterans with a deep understanding of the mobile space. Each client is assigned with a dedicated campaign manager and full ad ops support.


Currenty Hiring For

Account Director, Paid Media
(San Diego, CA)

We are looking for a motivated Account Director to help acquire and develop new brand relationships. Applicants should be team players, with great communication skills, who understand how to identify a new market opportunity. You are a self-starter and are not afraid to be challenged. You are able to balance day-to-day responsibilities of managing current clients, while also gaining new clientele. The possibility to manage your own team is available once growth is shown.

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Supply Manager

We are looking for a motivated candidate to help acquire and develop new supply partner relationships. Applicants should have strong sales and communication skills, along with an analytical mindset. Being a strong team player, you understand the general needs of partners and are able to develop and manage your portfolio successfully. You are proactive and not afraid to be challenged. An ideal candidate has experience in media buying, sales and account management. Your goal is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your partners through strategic thinking and assisting with reaching ROI objectives.

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